Solar Quotation Review - Fronius with LG 335W or Trina Honey 305W


Hi there, I have recently received the quotes below. Would really appreciate your feedback as to if you think they are reasonable or not?

  • Seaford/Victoria

  • Dooley Electronics

  • 12 x LG 335w

  • 5Kw Fronius Primo inverter

  • no pictures
    $6,468.88 (inc STC)

  • Seaford/Victoria

  • Galactic Solar

  • 12 x LG 335w

  • 4Kw Fronius Primo inverter

  • no pictures
    $7,478.23 (inc STC)

  • Seaford/Victoria

  • Space Solar

  • 14 x Trina Honey M-plus 305w

  • 4Kw Fronius Primo inverter

  • no pictures
    $5,225 (inc STC)

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Jelley

Are you restricted to 4kW with your roof space?

I like the looks of Dooley Electrics quote, very good panels and inverter, fair price, local electrician presumably. However, with 4kW of panels it should really be installed with a 4kW inverter, or get 5kW of panels.


Hi Marty,

Thank you for getting back to me, much appreciated.

We don’t have the biggest roof space, we could probably fit 14-16 at a squeeze. Would you recommend going for the bigger option?

It turns out Dooley had made a typo, it should have said 4 Kw inverter. Still a far price? Correct, he is local.

Thanks again.


Yeah I wouldn’t recommend going bigger, I was just curious as to the reason for the quoted PV size @Jelley.

There’s a few reasons why I think a local electrician is a good option, which I’m writing up in an article at the moment. His quote with a 4kW inverter is the one I would go for. It’s a bit higher than what you’d pay with a high volume solar retailer probably, but for good reason I believe.


Thanks Marty, appreciate the honest feedback.


For comparison, last month I had 16 x LG335 and 5KW Fronius Primo for a total of $7k installed in Sydney.