Solar Installers Melbourne | Sunrun vs Origin vs Solar Dynamics

Hi, I’m Melbourne based and have received the following quotes. Would appreciate your opinions on price and also the components. All prices after Fed Govt rebate, inc GST and installed. Quotes provided by Sunrun and Origin
Solar - appreciate any feedback on these companies as well ! Thanks in advance.

Option 1
20 x Risen 330w HC Mono panels (6.6kw)
1 x Fronius 5kw Primo INT

Option 2
20 x REC 320w TP2 BLK Mono (6.4kw)
1 x Fronius 5kw Primo INT

Option 3
22 x 290w Trina Panels (6.38kw)
1 x Goodwe Inverter $5,895

All very expensive, pls do more research. I have heard that Trina has warranty problems. Fronius is good.

Hi @Gahunter

I like the REC & Fronius options. It does appear to be on the higher end though, I would agree on that. Worth a couple more quotes.


Solar Installers Melbourne

Hi try Solar dynamics they do a good job.

Thanks all for quick reply. I’ll go and get revised quotes. From what I’ve read, and your feedback, the REC / Fronius combination sounds like the right one. Cheers

@Gahunter Those options look a bit expensive imo. I am currently gathering quotes for REC panels and Fronius for myself at the moment, and there are a couple of companies that have given me quotes which are $200-$300 cheaper.

Good Morning Gahunter,

I read your post and get to know that the price which you are paying is too high.

If you are looking for the same system we can help you with that with much more less price.

Below are my details you can always connect with me regarding any solar system queries.