Suntech vs REC solar panels

have received 2 quotes that are lower than 2 others I have .
1 22 Suntec mono (stp 300s-20/wfw)
1 fronius 5kw primo int 5.0-1 inverter
$5650 after stcs

23 REC 285w PolyTP2
1Fronius 5kw Primo INT (5.0-1 Inverter)
$6500 after stcs

Other quotes for similar systems have been $7200+

Both very reasonable quote but remember the solar installation / retailer is very important. Make sure you are happy with the quality and service offered.
If the installers are from out of town then how will they service you if there is a problem in the future or you need a warranty claim?
Just some things to keep in mind.

Hi Svarky
thanks for your insight. The reviews on solar quotes seem positive installations but not many reviews on problems maybe there aren’t any.

cheers Davo

Fronius 5.0.1 int 12amp Fronius 5.0.1 eu 16amp Fronius au are only 4.6kW 12amp.
We only sell the eu model. These days I can’t see why you’d go for poly panels when mono are not much more expensive ( about 200-300 more on 6.6kW system) and will last way longer. 3yrs ago maybe but not today, I only sell mono panels. We are a REC preferred installer. But again I’d go LG or Sunpower if you want really good panels. Half cell is more for shade but bird poo counts as shade. So look at your environment and what’s likely to cause issues. Sunpower Maxeon range just got STC approval, there bypass cell tech is rather impressive. And then again maybe look at Enphase micro’s.
I suppose it all comes down to dollars and cents, but what would you spend on a car these days and it will keep costing you, where as a quality solar system will last 30 years and save you a small fortune.

Kind regards
Den Thomson
Sales Manager
Bunbury WA

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