Solar quote *Busselton*

Hi guys, I need some help with some quotes I had recently. There are so many products out there I am just going around in circles. Any help to narrow down the list would be much appreciated.
Some installers are looking at North and East. Others are North on house roof and some North on Patio roof. West has some shading late in the afternoon.

20x REC Twin Peak 325W REC325TP2M, Fronius Primo 6.5kw $5969
20x REC N-Peak 325W Blk, Fronius Primo 6.5kw $6390
20x Sunpower 325W SPR-P19-325-BLK, SMA Sunny Boy 6.5kw $5999
18x SolarEdge 370W panel, SolarEdge inverter 6.66kw $5899
18x Jinko Cheetah 370W JKM370M-66H, Fronius Primo 6.66kw $4499
19x Qcell Q.Peak G6+ 350W, SMA Sunny Boy 6.65kw $6030
18x Jinko Tiger 385W JKM385N-6RL3, SMA Sunny Boy $5799
16x Risen 400W RSM144-6-400M, SMA Sunny Boy 6.4kw $5299
18x Risen 370W RSM132-6-370M, SMA Sunny Boy 6.66kw $4500
23x SolarWatt 280W Mono Vision 60P, Sunny Boy 6.44kw $5999


Hi Josh

That’s a lot of options, I don’t know where to start with that to be honest.

I’d be reasonably happy with pretty much all of the products you’ve mentioned here.
There are no quotes that stand out immediately as being a bargain, or particularly over priced. In which case, I would personally start with the company. Find out which company you want to work with, research their reviews, and once you’ve found the one you like the most, work with them on getting the system you want for the price you want to spend.

I hope that helps.


Hi Marty, thanks for the comments. I have narrowed it down a bit. Probably choosing between 3 installers. All are localish, some have the better price for same item, but some are better at responding to calls / emails etc.

Installers are saying they install a lot of the cheaper Risen or Jinko Cheetah panels
( $4500/$5000 ) set ups. There is probably nothing wrong with these. Then I think ok i don’t intend to move house so am I better off spending the extra $1000-$1500 to get maybe a non Chinese made panel or is that just wasting money.

Some other forums say try to go an N-type panel.
I dont know juat going around in circles.

I had probably narrowed it down to these
Sunpower Performance
Qcell G6+
REC twin peaks

But the for an extra $400 can get REC NPeaks
Or can go other wY back to Jinko Cheetah or Risens

Inverters, in your opinion Fronius or SMA.

I reckon REC N Peak with SMA or Fronius for sure. Definitely worth a little more IMO. That would be a system I’d be really comfortable with on my roof for 20 years +.


Hi Marty. Thanks for the info and advice. I am just not sure the budget will stretch that far. Getting a bit confused as well. I mean some local installers say they install heaps of jinko cheetahs or risen panels. The difference is about $1900. The Npeaks would be great, but are they $1900 better etc

Hi Josh

That’s what you’ve got to weigh up. If you can afford it, I’d lay out a bit more up front, if you can’t, well, Jinko shipped 14GW (which I think is about 40 million panels) last year, so they know what they are doing. Jinko also make an N Type panel btw, the Tiger.