Sunpower vs LG vs REC

I have two quotes competing as follow :
28 REC panels x 315 watts.
Fronius SYMO inverter
Labour mounting etc

Total cost after STC’s $8899

28 Sunpower P series @ $242 per unit $6791
Fronius 8’2’1 $2827
Labour etc $4239

Total cost after STC’s $9843

Difference around $900

Which is better??

Hi Margaret
1 which state are you in
2 The Sunpower does not have the watts/ panel
3 model number of products must be display
4 No mentions of the Discount that you are getting
5 and best you insert a photos screenshot of your roof
Solar Hybrid Solutions

Hi Margaret

Assuming that the Fronius inverter is the same (8kW assuming), and SunPower wattage is approx the same, then I’d think that $900 more for Sunpower P series is worth paying. As @SolarHybridSolutions says, would be useful to get the model of the REC though (can make a big difference what the model is, see review below), and wattage of the SunPower.

Photos of the roof is useful if you are unsure about the design the companies are proposing (especially if they are proposing different layouts).

Hi Margaret,

If they are the REC N-peak panels I would go with REC. Otherwise the Sunpower P series would be my choice.

Both good options either way