REC Alpha Black vs. SunPower x22

My husband and I are looking to have solar installed on our home in the Sacramento, CA area. We have received a few quotes and have narrowed it down to a couple companies. The number of panels and watts generated are the same for both, but one would use the SunPower x22 panels for a total of $33,106 while the other would use the REC Alpha Black panels for a total of $28,586. The REC panels would also include a SolarEdge EV Charging Single Phase Inverter. We have read great reviews about the SunPower panels, but have recently learned more about the REC panels and think they may be just as good an option. Is SunPower’s system worth the extra $5,000? Additionally, we have asked both companies to quote installing a Tesla Powerwall and the first company quoted at $18,495 and the second company quoted at $15,175, making the cost difference between the two even greater. Thanks for the advice!

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Hi @PierceFamily

Sorry for the slow reply.

I doubt it! Do you have the model of the SunPower panel? The REC Alpha are great panels.

Does this also include SolarEdge optimizers?

What inverter do the SunPower panels come with? Enphase micro inverters?

That’s probably a good indication that the first company just has higher margins.

Hope that helps.