REC Alpha Series Panels Vs Sunpower 435 H-AC Panels

Hello CER Comunity,

I am very much confused since, everyone one claims they have the best panels. I live in FL and going solar. Got Quotes and shortlisted two solar panels providers with difference of 12000$ price tag difference, Sunpower is higher than REC Panels installer. Both are master installers. Is it really worth to pay 12000 more for Sunpower. Sunpower claims their panels are copper backing made panels vs REC panels have glass build and can be damaged more easily. Please advise.

REC Alpha Series with IQ8 Inverts
Sunpower M435 -H- AC with H series IQ7 factory integrated micro inverters

Thank you in advance for everyone who will be helping.


$12,000 is a huge price increase for SunPower panels assuming they are the same size?

SunPower panels are the best, but REC Alpha are very good high-quality panels, so if you cannot afford to pay the extra then just go with REC panels. They will not let you down.

Mate definitely go REC, the amount of years it will take extra to pay for the 12000 extra is not worth it. REC are good brand for sure!

Thank you for your email. It helps a lot.