Sunpower A Series vs Rec Alpha


Deciding between two proposals. From what I can decipher, the Sunpower and Rec panels I am considering are fairly close. The Sunpower has higher wattage, the Rec a bit more efficient.

Appreciate any thoughts or insights. Not my area of expertise so perhaps something I am overlooking. Pricing between the two is only $100 us dollars.

Option 1. 45 Sunpower A400-BLK with Enphase IQ7AS inverters.

Option 2 2. 46 Rec 380 with Enphase IQ7A inverters…

Hi @Amphicar770

You are comparing two very high performing panels here, with the latest tech in them.

Is it the REC “Alpha” model do you know? You can see our full reviews on Sunpower and REC below.

@Sparky, what are your thoughts on the new Sunpower A series?