Solar quote *Kincumber, NSW*


Please can you let me know the positives and negatives of the below 2 options?:

Option 1
26 x 390w LG solar panels
8.2kW Single phase Fronius inverter

  • $11,800 supplied & installed.

Option 2
8.88 kW Total Solar Power
24 x 370 EGING PV Watt Panels (EG-370M60-HE) (14,082 kWh per year)
SunGrow SG5.0-12RT Multi-MPPT String Inverter
8kW Multi-MPPT String Inverter
Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.1 x SG8.0RT

  • $5,100 supplied & installed.

Basically, I’m trying to figure out if the LG panels are worth the double in price. And is the Fronius or Sungrow inverter better?

many thanks!

LG panels are very high quality but considering LG recently announced that they are leaving the solar industry I would want to be sure the solar company is local and reputable. Fronius inverters are better than Sungrow.

However, the second quote is soooo cheap that it is far more concerning. I would worry that they will cut corners and do a poor quality installation at that price. Who is the installation company? Have you checked their reviews? Remember, you get what you pay for.

Thanks so much for your response.

Both quotes are from SkyTech Energy - they have a lot of great reviews on google and Facebook.

The quotes include the energy rebate. I guess Egin panels are just very affordable compared to LG?

Oh ok, both quotes are from the same company. Yes, they do have good reviews

Eging panels are cheap but if you are on a tight budget and the company will support you then go for it.

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