Variation in quotes $32k and $13k!


Hi, I recieved two quotes. One from 3D solar that was 31 panels cost of 32,000. One from solar advantage 18 panels for 13,000! What is that about? Is it normal to get that big of a price difference?


Hi I would like some help quotes for a solar system for my home. The house is surrounded by trees good sunlight from around midday to late arvo

Hi @Cj34668

No, it’s not normal. But also not normal to have such a huge variation in size of system. Would be interested in more details of the quotes. Size of panels, inverter brands, any batteries (I think you posted previously saying you were looking into batteries?).

What is your main driver for getting a system (financial, environmental, energy security)? How much power do you use? Presuming panels are ~ 300W, 31 of them will give you 9.3kW, which is quite large. That will generate about 40kWh a day in Florida on an average install I would imagine. Do you need that much?

Did you end up getting an appointment with Tesla btw?





Hi, thanks for your help. Guess we want to achieve all of what you stated. Cut down on our energy use, save money as we are putting in a pool, we have repaired/replaced our ducting & insulation as we just bought the home. We have impact windows being put in.
Below is one quote the other I’ll send separately. Tesla pulled out of servicing FL.

Cathy Southerland Residence

o Monthly Spend: Average: $227

o Net kW Usage: 49 kWh per day / 1482 kWh per month / 17,791 kWh Recommended System: 6.175 kW

• Q-CELLS 325 WATT. (19 panels) BLACK ON BLACK. Fortune 500 company. German technology, manufactured in South Korea. Top 5 largest manufactureres in the world. With more than 65 years’ track record of industrial leadership. Publicly traded company.

o SMA SUNNY BOY INVERTERS Most stabile and highest efficency. Only inverter on the market that has day time back up storage in case of a power outtage.

o IronRidge Racking Flush mount. 25-year warranty.

o Rheem Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater $1250 (online or thru Home Depot). Installation: $250+. Total: $1500.

Amount: $13,062



Sorry, had some issues sending these. If you received duplicate I apologize.



Hi Cj,
If you consumption is 49 kWh per day, then your Micro power grid will only need 24x 380W 72cell panels =9.12kWh/p array. That is calculated on harvesting 5 hours of peak energy per day using tilted Roof Racking.
The panels should only cost $7’000 for the latest 380W, 12bus bar, Perc panel technology.

If you out in Rural land, consider spend the additional money on a Duel-axis Tracker unit, as they harvest energy for some 10+ hours per day, then you only need 12x 380W Panel Tracker, they cost approx. $6’000 +installation, what you save on Panels you spend on a Tracker !

However, the key point is the additional energy harvesting will be ongoing for decades to come, and that in it’s self will reduce your investment payback time quicker, and there after ongoing profits, if grid connected !

The heart of a good quality system is the Inverter, and a good quality 5kw YIY / SolaX Hybrid inverters, that are all ready for batteries, will set you back from $1’500 / $3’100 respectively.

So, that is $10’000 for the Lion share of your system equipment.
Leaving the roof racking, switches & Installation costs, commonly the installation should only take a day for two people, and the cost is usually/always covered by signing your STC over the Installer.

The common TV marketing Specials offering 6.6kW Array supplying 24x 270W, 60cell panels including SolaX solar only inverter, offer a great price of around $3’500 fully installed.
Even though 270W panels require more roof space per kw, the STC calculate to approx. the same price as the System that are offering.

So, including the hidden/non mentioned STC Credits the retailer or installer receives it ends up costing you $7’000 fully installed, as the STC, that you can sell yourself, by simply filling in a form, are calculated for some 10 years in advance, am sure that equates to over …$3’500 ÷ 2 installers =$1’750 each, not bad for a days work.

All said and done, you will need approx. 33x 270W Solar panels to Harvest 45kWh day, fine if you have enough Roof space.

NB: All Quality panels be them 100W to 500W, should last 25+ years.

Be Warned: Don’t listen the any marketing crap about Tier-1 panels, it is a deceptive & misleading term, Tier-1 has NOTHING to do with the Quality of Panels or equipment, it’s a marketing term relating to the turnover & financial stability of a manufacturer only!

I hope that helps.
Good luck!


I believe Cathy is in Florida, so the pricing will be considerably different to Australia.


Sorry, I missed your latest message Cathy.

The products and system size of this quote seem fine, but the price does seem a bit dear. I’m guessing you can claim 30% tax break on that? That sweetens it a little, but still on the dear side. I would see if you can get a similar system for cheaper price with another retailer.


Thank you. Still confused with the price difference. Seems this is a norm for this area. Quote on a pool the same Two quotes $71,000 other 32,000. Strange.

Thank you for all the info. Really appreciate your time. Cathy