Which of these quotes use better materials?


Got a few quotes and can’t decide between these. Leaning more towards company number 1 because I’ve heard of more people who have used them.

But which components are better do you think?

Company 1.
JA solar panels (410W not sure of any other details) . Growatt inverter. And Givenergy battery.

Company 2.
Canadian solar panels (CS6R-410MS (BABT8767-57-410W). Ningo ginlong inverter. Puredrive energy battery.

Company 3.
Hengdian DMEGC magnetics panels.
Growatt inverter. Growatt battery.

Company 3 raised a good point about how the inverter and battery both being the same make means they talk to each other when they do updates. But I’m not sure if that trumps the very mixed reviews of the company.

Any thoughts?


Hi Polly,
Option 1, JA is a good brand, ranked at third place on tier 1 list in terms of volume. It covered by 25 years product warranty now and I have no problem to recommend it. If you are considering to install 6.6kw system, try to get 415W panels instead of 410W to reach maximum output. Growatt inverter is just a average brand for entry level options. Haven’t heard Givenergy battery brand.
Option 2, Canadian is another good brand I can recommend, 25 years warranty, again, try to get 415W panels instead of 410W for better result. Ginlong is a good budget inverter brand, aka Solis, one of public listed inverter company, have no problem to recommend it. Haven’t heard Puredrive energy battery.
Option 3, DMEGC is one of tier 1 brand, but first time see someone is getting it. I have looked of its website and it seems it covered by 15 years warranty only, so you’d better check with your retailer before making decision. In addition, I guess it is a new brand, it seems that it doesn’t have Australian office yet, so importer whoever it is takes responsibility for any warranty claim. It’s better to choose same brand of inverter and battery to have better compatibility. Growatt is a possible option, otherwise you could have a look of Sungrow hybrid inverter & battery, Huawei hybrid inverter & battery, Jinko Hybrid inverter & battery.