Quote from solar miner in Vic

Hi this is the quote I received from solar miner. I have just started to look into solar and don’t really know where to start/what to look for. Our house is 2 story so they said it’s an extra $600 (included in the cost). Is this any good? Should I ask for other panels? We don’t qualify for the rebate.


System Size: 6.6 kW

20 x 330 W SUNTECH Mono Tier 1 High Efficiency Panels (If you prefer any other brand of products, please contact me).

1 x 5.0 kW GROWATT Smart Inverter (Wi-Fi In Built) 1-Phase


Hi Tazmc,

Suntech panels are not to bad, there is a independent testing of various solar panels each year by PEVL The PV Module Reliability Scorecard , and they are among the top preforming panels for the last few years in a row under stress test conditions.
I would steer away from a growatt, and for a few bucks more you can get a Sungrow SGK5 D GEN 2 - 5KW inverter, having installed quite a few with no comeback there quite a good inverter and i think globally last year they were the 4 most popular inverter brand of choice, and are filled with German sourced components , and also come with a 5+5 warranty now i think.
For me a key thing would be were is your installer getting the solar gear from ? as if he gets them from a electrical wholesaler then you have a extra layer of warranty/peace of mind should something fail down the track, as if the installer is no longer in business i think Australian consumer law allows you to go back to the wholesale for a warranty claim.

Remember these are only my veiws.

hope the above helps, and good luck !!!


Thank you so much for taking the time to respond I really appreciate it!
I’ll ask about changing the growatt. Hopefully they have the option you suggested.
I’ll also ask some of the suggested follow up questions.
Thank you

Thanks for your input @mySun, I agree with those comments. Some relevant threads regarding this:

Welcome to you both.

i have a very bad experience with Solar Miner.
Because i am still waiting for repairs and they don’t like taking my problem seriously.
not recommended