Which one using best components?

Hi. Sorry, not sure which bit to put this in…

We’ve had a few quotes and can’t decide between these. Leaning more towards company number 1 because I’ve heard of more people who have used them.
But which components are better do you think?

Company 1.
JA solar panels (410W not sure of any other details but half cell and PERC were mentioned) . Growatt inverter. And Givenergy battery.

Company 2.
Canadian solar panels (CS6R-410MS (BABT8767-57-410W). Bingo gin long inverter. Puredrive energy battery.

Company 3.
Hengdian DMEGC magnetics panels.
Growatt inverter. Growatt battery.

Company 3 raised a good point about how the inverter and battery both being the same make means they talk to each other when they do updates. But I’m not sure if that trumps the very mixed reviews of the company.

Any thoughts?


Where are you located? I’m assuming you are in the UK as these battery brands are UK based.

The first two options use AC-coupled batteries, which work independently of the solar inverter, so it doesn’t matter if they are not the same make. Also, they have quoted well-known panels from reputable manufacturers with a good history, whereas I have never heard of “Hengdian DMEGC magnetics panels”.

Can you add the solar array size and prices for each option? It’s hard to compare without this information