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I have received quotes from 3 companies, being new to Australia and Solar it feels like information overload.

I know i need to get Solar installed but its getting the right equipment at the right price and service.

Company A - Came to the house and provided the following:
Inverter - Delta M6A 3 phase 10y warranty
Solar Panel - 24x 275w Seraphim panels 25y warranty

Price- $4600

Company B - Came to the house and provided the following:
Inverter - SMA TriPower 5.0 10y warranty
Solar Panel - 20x325w SunPower 25y Warranty

Price - $7490

Company C - Did not visit the house and provided the following:
Inverter - Fronius Sumo 5kw 10y waranty
Solar Panel - 20 x 330w QMax (QCell) 12y Warranty

Price - $5316.43

Everything i am reading up on shows me QCell, SunPower, Fronius, SMA being in the top 10 etc.
Not sure if the CompanyA offer is ‘cheap’ for a reason.

Just trying to make heads n Tails of this all.

Thanks in advance,

In addition is LeTID and Perc a huge factor when reviewing panels?

No, not a huge factor.

Hi @ab490, welcome to solar, Australia, and the forum :slight_smile:

Those quotes do present a tough choice. They are all very good prices though on the face. Quote 2 probably offers the best gear, with the SunPower panels, but I’d lean toward quote 3 as best overall just based on price and products.

Cheap for a reason is definitely something you have to be wary of. I think the best advice I can give is do a lot of research on the companies, and choose based on that. The products and price are important, but given they are comparable, it’s the quality of the installation and service that is really the main thing here.

Hope that helps


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thanks for that Marty much appreciated.
That certainly helps my decision making.