Solar Power Wanneroo

I have received the below quotes from Perth installers and need advice please:

  1. SOFAR 5kw 3 phase inverter and 20 leapton mono panels, $3750 nett from Now Solar
  2. Fronius Symo 5.0-3-m inverter and 20 Trina 330w panels - $5590 from Energie Group
  3. Solar Edge 5kw HD wave inverter and 18 Canadian Power 365w panels - $6190 from Infinite energy
  4. SMA SB5.0-1AV-41 inverter and 18 Canadian Power panels - $5190 from Infinite energy
  5. SMA SB5.0 inverter and 16 x 400w Sun Power panels - $8390 from Infinite energy
  6. SMA SB5.0 inverter and 20 x Sun Power 325w panels - $6790 from Infinite energy

I have 3 phase electricity and am told a 6.5kw system gets the max govt rebate and have also been told that all the above systems can be connected to a Battery storage in the future.
I need your advice please. Divyesh DShah

Hi Divyesh, what suburb are you in?

Option 1 with SOFAR and Leapton are quite unknown brands to us, I would suggest sticking to brands on our best solar inverter and best solar panel lists.

Fronius and Trina for $5590 looks like a great option. Have you done any research about the company, Energie Group? Most important is that the company you go with are reputable and get good reviews.

The Infinite Energy options seem to be offering single phase inverters. You should probably get a 3 phase inverter if you have 3 phase power.

Hope that helps


Solar Installers Perth

We are in Banksia Grove, WA 6031. Energie group has their HO in WA as per their website but not many reviews are available.
Infinite energy has good and bad reviews and was surprised when they said they would not need to come visit and they sent a quote for a single phase.
We have received so many calls and we are not sure which company to trust.

I can imagine. I think Energie Group has the best offer, so it’s worth finding out more about them. I’ve got some questions in this chapter in the Guide to Buying Solar that will help:

Secondly, I think it’s worth reaching out to a reputable solar installer in your area. I listed a few in our Solar Installers Perth page which get good reviews. Solaire Connect in Joondalup gets good reviews, they sell Fronius and REC which is a good combo.

Let me know how you go.


Thanks very much Marty.

I am contacting Solaire Connect today and will let you know how I go.