Fronius Symo inverter and Trina solar panels

I have had a few quotes and confused as to info provided.
We have 3 phase power so looking at solar with a 3 phase inverter.

Quotes vary from $4800 to $6400.
Based on a 5kw Fronius inveter and 330w Trina panels.

One company dropped its quote a $1000 dollars to meet a competitor. They were charging $795 extra for installing on a tile roof and East and West side of the roof.

Another wanted an extra $600 for a 3 phase inverter.

I am confused with info provided and costs involved.
Also the rebate price varies.

Hi Deb

Fronius Symo is a great inverter, and Trina make very respectable panels, as you probably know if that’s what you’ve asked for quotes on.

I know solar can be confusing, but if you are getting quotes for the same products, the choice becomes easier. You just need to do your research on the solar companies you are getting quotes from.

It’s not unreasonable to charge more for a 3 phase inverter or a difficult installation. In fact the other companies might have done so without explicitly saying it.

Read this topic for info on how to choose the right installer:

Hope that helps.


Thanks for your response.

One more question.
What about Risen panels. One guy keeps recommending them but not a lot of reviews in Australia

There is a bit about Risen here: