Moreton Bay Solar Installers | Dream Solar

I received a quote from Dream Solar for a 19KW 3-phase system.
Solar panels - 60 × 330W Risen Energy JAGER HP - RSM120-6-330M
Inverter - 1 × Fronius Symo 15.0-3-M · 15000 W
Total system installation costs and after STC = $10500
Location in Morton Bay on single story Tin roof - E/W orientation.

This sounds way cheaper that other quotes - Can this be real?
And who is Dream Solar?

Never heard of Dream solar and it does sounds very cheap! They are most likely just a sales company which uses sub-contractors to do the installation. There are 2 good review on the SolarQuotes website but very little information about them anywhere else.

Fronius inverter is good but Risen are very cheap panels, although they are a fairly well known brand.

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Considering the Inverter costs around $3’700, you are paying approx. $110 a panel.

A 60x 330W =19.8KW system =300 STC in your postcode.
So, the REC refund for 19.8KW for 11 years =$10’500, that commonly goes towards installation.
You can engage your own Electrician to install the system, and then get a CEC Electrician to inspect the system & claim the REC yourself, but that may be to difficult for you.

I suggest you would be better purchasing 45x 435W ( 19.57kW/p ) 12BB, 140cell, Half-Cut, Perc Monocrystalline LONGI Panels (LR4-72HPH-435M)
I think most would agree these are high-quality panels, but they will cost around $12’900.00

The bottom line is divide your power bill into $10’500, and if the panels work after that period, you are in front.
I am sure the Fronius, SMA, Goodwe or other CEC approved inverters will last the test of time.

Good luck.