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Hi There,
I have obtained 4 quotes for a 6.6kW system and would like some feedback as the costing range when I informed them all of the same info including a photo and address of the property.
Sunshine Coast, North facing skillion roof, full sun, single phase.

1/ SolarSmart $3,400
20 x Seraphim Blade 330w Solar Panels, 15 Year product/25 year performance warranty
1 x Growatt MIN 5000TL-X Inverter 10 year warranty.

2/ Your Coast Electrical $4,600
21 x 315w Suntech Mono Half cell solar panels
1 x Growatt 5kw Inverter.
He also provided me with a second quote $6,300
20 x 325w REC Twin Peak Solar panels
1 x 5kw Fronius Promo International inverter.

3/ Pedleys Solar $4,800
21 x 315w Akcome Optronics SK6610M High Efficiency
1 x Sungrow Power SG5KTL-D-4990W

4/ Sovereign Solar $6,990
24 x 275w Elite Solar Mainstream
1 x GoodWe GW5KD-NS-5000w

Thank You in advanced.

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The second option sounds like the best by far. They have provided two options which is good, and Suntech are a great panel.
If you can afford to upgrade to the Fronius/REC option then it would be a very nice system.

Did any of the companies provide a roof layout diagram and have any come and visited your house?

Unfortunately the ‘cheapest’ system often results in a poor quality or rushed installation. It’s worth paying a little more for the local company who will also provide support and service if there is ever an issue.

Solar Installers Sunshine Coast

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What Panels and Inverters did you get? LG Panels ( 6.6Kw). Fronius 5kW inverter
What is the size of your system? 6.6kW
What Solar Company did you go with? Would you recommend them? SolarWide, Sunshine Coast. Definitely would recommend them. 100%

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Hi Svarky,
Thank you for your response.
They have all nearmap or google earth my property and provided a layout of panels but no one has attended.
I was going to narrow it down to two quotes and have them attend the property.
I as well like the second option of quote 2 but was hesitant on cost.

rated output of modules doesn’t mean as much as actual annual production, degradation rate of panels, and product warranty. The real apples to apples comparison is the amortized cost for your Energy over the product warranty period taking into account degradation.

i.e. two systems, both rated as 5kw DC, may produce significantly different amount of energy if degradation rates are different… AND there is a huge difference if you are comparing one system with a 10, 12, or 15 year parts-only non-transferrable warranty to a 25 yr parts and labor transferable warranty (which is what you want if you expect to show ‘future value’ when you sell the home.)

what you really need to evaluate is the total 25 year production, and a solid understanding of the warranties from the mfg.