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I have signed up for a 6.825KW system with a company referred by you.
21 x 325W Sunpower P19 Panels
Fronius Primo 6.0KW Inverter with WiFi.
Includes some switchboard upgrade - Backing board & Ceramic fuses.,.
Price $9,000.00 -Total.
What are your thoughts.
Should i be concerned regarding the rumours surrounding Sunpower.
Peter Walduck

UPDATE: Installation completed 27th April 2020

Company:- SAE Group, Tweed Heads South 2486
Yes, I would recommend them.

21 x 330W Sunpower P19 Panels - 6.93KW
Fronius Primo 6.0Kw Inverter
Split System
String 1. 6 Panels facing North plus 3 West with Tigo Optimisers.
String 2. 15 Facing West
Total Cost including Switch Board upgrade:- $8937.00

Origin Energy Tariffs:-
Peak 30.536 cents
Off Peak 18.194 cents
Feed In 21.0 cents
Supply Peak 151.25 cents Per Day
Off peak 14.85 cents Per Day
Weather has not be that good plus we are approaching the winter solstice so things should start to improve from July onward.

I expect my pay back period to be somewhere around 5 years providing the above costs remain.
This is a much better return on invested capital than money in the bank.
I have chosen quality albeit expensive system and trust it all goes according to plan - only time will tell.

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Hi @destinyduck

I’m sorry, I don’t have any more info on that than you’ve probably already read on the big wide web. PV Tech is a trustworthy source

For this reason, it might be prudent to avoid SunPower if better alternatives, until there is more clarity on their position. Although you might also get a bargain on really good quality panels.

For the record, we don’t refer or recommend any installers as such (at this point). We just list ones that seem to have good reputations and reviews.

Hope that helps

Hi @destinyduck,

Sadly where there is smoke there is always fire, while the current stock of SunPower panels available in Australia are still the trusted good stock of the past, there is no confidence in their ability to honor long term warranty claims, this is due in most part to the fact that the SunPower that you buy your panels from today, will not be the same company trading in the future as they will remain a North American “Only” company, the Maxeon company that we will all be dealing with for the new SunPower solar panels and future replacements will be from a company based in Singapore who have a written agreement to buy their cells from a chinese manufacturer and possibly have it manufacturing and assembly in either Singapore, Malaysia or China.

In short the current panels you have been quoted are very good, but the gamble comes in any future problems you may have.

Good luck.