Solar Installers Central Coast NSW

Hi, can you please advise me on this quotation from One Power Solar, I feel it is way too expensive. We are a household of 5 people, in a 2 storey brick and tile suburban home, a 17500-litre pool, 2 x reverse cycle A/C’s, no additional work is required in the meter box. Our average bill is $750.00 per quarter, approx. 23kw daily usage usage.

22 x Canadian Solar KuPower 300w panels, Sungrow SG5K-D inverter, no deposit, pay $95.00 per fortnight to Humm for 50 months, total $9750 including fees and after STC.

Also can you recommend anyone in my area to provide an alternative quote?

Hi Stan

Does seem expensive, Even if these were top of the range brands, which they aren’t.

The size of the system is good, and the products are fine, but yeah, worth some more quotes.

You can try the companies listed on our Solar Installers Central Coast page. They are just ones that I put in after doing a bit of research on the net, so no personal recommendations or anything, but should be a good start.


This thread is a good reference too. You could ask the poster for the name of who they went with.

Thanks Marty. I let you know how I go.

Hi Marty,

How about this one?
5.325kW system using 15 x LG NeON2 355W panels combined with a SMA 5 inverter is $9990



Yeah that’s more like it. Still on the dear side, but who is the company? Do they get good reviews?

Superior Solar in Gosford, and yes they do.

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