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Hi I’ve received 2 quotes from one company for a solar system and like everyone I’m not sure which way to go. We average about 14kw usage per day. I’m attracted by the warranty that LG provides but I’m not sure if its overkill. We intend to stay in our 2 level townhouse for at least 15 years but we’re both 65 so that might be an ambitious goal. The 2 quotes are;

  1. SMA 5kw inverter with 21 Canadian Solar Biku Split Cell Series 315 W Mono Solar Panels with ZJ Beny Isolator Switches, Stoddard 6 mm Cabling , Stainless Steel Panel Clips,
    Clenergy Roof Racking System. Price = $5700
    2.The same as above but with LG Neon 2 Series 350 W Solar Panels Price = $7900

Any advice or comment would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @philmoconnor

That looks like a good quote. I like that they gave you details not just of panels and inverters, but for things like isolator and racking brand. I’ve had a good experience with ZJ Beny in the past, although they aren’t the dearest isolators.

It’s a tough question whether it’s worth paying an extra 50% out of pocket for that LG Neon 2 panels. I’d probably lean against not, if you are estimating 15 years in your current place. Canadian is not a bad brand.

Others might have different opinion though.


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how long you stay in your place is not important with the LG parts and labor transferable warranty. Lets say you sell the home in 10 years. you have 15 years of production remaining with LG warranteed. x kwhrs at $y/kwhr gives you the ‘future value’ you sell on top of your home list price.

the real question is whether that value is more or less than the difference in initial cost for the cheaper panels that have a parts only warranty for ? years.