Solar quote Narara NSW

This is our first quote but seems expensive?
9.4kw system
We use around 24kw p/d

Panels HYUNDAI 390W HiE-S390VG x24
Primary Inverter GOODWE MS 8.5KW 1PH 3MPPT GW8500-MS x1

Total inc after STC Discount $12,821.65
60 Months $101.63 per fortnight

Central Coast Solar Installers

Hi Colin

Where are you?

Central Coast NSW 2250

Hi Colin

Thanks very much. Sounds pretty high. Any options to get more quotes?

Yeah. In the process.

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Hi Sticky
I’m from Kariong.that sounds like my quote,same gear 9.75KW $ it from Econnect Solar.
how did you go with the other quotes
as i’m just starting to do,it’s a minefield