Solar quote Central Coast. Kariong.n.s.w

I Got a quote from econnect solar & electrical. for the following
25 Hyundai HiE-S390VG panels & a Goodwe 3 phase 10 KW Inverter (9.75 KW)
$13,286.28 after STC of $4,824.00

Hi @michaeljohn1234m

I would get a few more quotes to compare. According to our Solar Price Estimator tool that’s on the expensive side for the type of products offered.


Hi Michael,

I got $7k even worth of stc. I had 13.3kw panels installed on 10kw inverter.
Jinko cheetah and sma 3 phase inverter $9490-

Keep looking mate. It’s easy to get ripped off in this industry. Call All Green Environmental, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks Marty & Jamesy121
I signed up with SIS Solar from Fountaindale, nice and local.
I got a 10.1Kw system
Sungrow 10kw -SG10KTL-MT-3phase converter
28x Trina 370w Panels (TSM-DD08M.08(ii) half cellPERC
3 phase consumption meter-DTSU666
for $8.500

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