Central Coast | Sungrow & Hyundai

Solar Panels
Suntech Power
9.900 kW Total Solar Power
30 x 330 Watt Panels (STP330S-21/Wfhm)
12,938 kWh per year



8 kW Total Inverter Rating

1 x SG8K-D


Including $1,131.82 GST

That looks like a decent price Michael, for what I would call “value” products (decent, mid range).

As always, make sure the solar company gets good reviews.

How does this sound?

Hyundai S350SG x 30
Sungrow 10 KW inverter SG10KTL MT3

$8600 including GST

Much appreciated

Hi Michael

That also looks like a fair price for those products. Hyundai is a well regarded solar panel manufacturer, they went awol for a few years, but have been back in Australia again for a little while now.