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6.6Kw - 17x Hyundai [390w] VG Series with Sungrow SG-5KD Inverter.

$0 Upfront plan = $12,300 - $3300 [Gov Rebate] = $9000 / 60 months @ $72.xx a fortnight.

Panels have 25 Yr Warranty / Inverter 10Yr Warranty.

Feel this high compared to other prices I see around. Figure that this is because of the finance situation but wanted to check in to see if this the norm.

If outright is cheaper and I can still claim the Gov Rebate myself then looking for other options to make this happen.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Wayne_Remnant

I would say $5k - $7k is the normal range for these products. Probably worth getting a couple of quotes.

Note that panels have two types of warranty, it’s important to know the difference. I suspect your panels will have a 25 year performance warranty, but a lower product warranty. See this article on Solar Panel Warranties for explanation.

There’s always a cost for finance in my experience.

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Thank you for your feedback. Greatly appreciated.

Yes you can get the rebate if you pay outright. Personally I wouldn’t take a risk on a Sungrow inverter. Inverters are the key hardware and you need at least reasonable quality. If you ask them for a cheaper inverter, I’m not sure they could come up with one.

SolarGain installed 30 LG NEon2 350N1C-V5 panels nominally 10.5Kw in Sep2020 for $16K with (as Marty says) 25 year replacement-by-LG warranty not just a performance warranty
This included micro-inverters, two 5Kw Huawei inverters with built-in DC isolators
At height of summer the array generated 8.9Kw
At end of June I am getting 5Kw on a sunny day

My understanding is that if a panel fails, LG will come out and replace it for me, no argy-bargy needed with local electricians. That’s the kind of warranty I like.

We paid up front, no financing


Thanks Champ. Appreciate your feedback.

OK Frank, so in your opinion Sungrow are base level / cheapest option / you’ve had or heard of issues with them? We’ve had ABB / Solax / Goodwe / Sungrow all quoted from different companies. All with 10 year warranty, all with WiFi, all “future” battery enabled. Other than failure rates ( none can say they won’t have an issue but you’d like to think there is a pecking order) and local support to fix / replace, what else sets them apart?

Marty, Hyundai panels are 25 product / 25 output % years… most of the others are 12 or 15 years product / 25 output % years. Thank you for making me aware of the difference. It was good to read about.

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We reckon Sungrow are probably the pick of the “value” inverters (ie not premium). Although ABB (now FIMER) is probably more toward the premium end. ABB used clearly hold no. 2 best inverter brand spot, but that was nearly a decade ago now.

All Fronius inverters come with five years Fronius Warranty Plus as standard. For a limited time, users can claim an additional five years Fronius Warranty