Solar Quote Central West NSW (Orange)

Hi i have been given a quote of

13.3kw 28 x JKM475N-60HL4-V

Tiger Neo 475 Watt panels

25 Year Product Warranty & 30 Year Linear Performance Warranty

19,393 kWh per year

Sungrow Multi MPPT String Inverter Single Phase 10 kW Inverter 1 x SG10RS-ADA

10 Years Product Warranty

for $12900
Is this a good system to have for panels and inverter? Where abouts would this system be in terms of budget/middle of the row etc?

Kind Regards all!

That’s a very reasonable price for a large system with good all-round panels and inverter. Sungrow inverters are rated in the top 5 overall for features and performance in our reviews.
The Jinko Tiger NEO panel series are the most popular residential panels in Australia at the moment.

Did you get any other quotes?

I have been given this quote by arise solar for $17,291 with a battery

  • 28 x Jinko 475W Tiger Neo N-Type (JKM475N-60HL4-V) -Tier-1 Panels.
  • 01 x Sungrow 5Kw-1Ph Hybrid (SH5.0RS (AS4777-2 2020))
  • 01 x Sungrow 5Kw-1Ph SG5.0RS (AS4777-2 2020)
  • 03 x Sungrow 3.2kw Battery (9.6kw Battery)

And also another setup by them as well for $17,981

  • 32 x Jinko 475W Tiger Neo N-Type (JKM475N-60HL4-V) -Tier-1 Panels.
  • 02 x Jinko Suntank 5Kw-1Ph
  • 02 x 5.12 Jinko Suntank battery (JKS-B5150-BI) (10.2kw Battery)

They want $300 deposit and remainder a day before installation.

Arise solar doesn’t have the best reputation, from what I’ve heard.

If you were considering getting a battery I definitely go with the Sungrow option. The Suntank is just a rebranded Growatt battery and I’m not a fan of Growatt