Solar Quote "SE QLD: Wamuran Basin"

Hi, thanks for casting your eyes over this quote.


Solar panel: 19 × 330W Powerwave Twin Power - PW-330-BMB
1690 mm × 1002 mm · Monocrystalline · [Datasheet]

Inverter: 1 × Sungrow SG5K-D (Premium) · 4999 W
1 phase · 98.4% max efficiency · [Datasheet]

System Summary

Subtotal incl. GST: $9,465.00
Included GST: $860.45
95 STCs × $37.00: −$3,515.00

Total: $5,950.00

I have seen on the whirlpool Forums that this group could be a bit pricey so I would like a second opinion as to the value of this installation, it is on a single storey tin roof.

Thanks again

Hi Mark

Yeah, I would agree with the Whirlpool sentiment. For what you are getting Id say it’s at least worth getting another couple quotes.

I recommend googling an installer that gets really good reviews in your area, and asking them for a quote.


Thanks for that!

We have gone through Hipages to look for a local company and will be getting some quotes later today.

Thanks again