Powerwave solar panels


Has anyone heard of or had these solar panels installed by smart energy group?


Hi @Kayjay

I haven’t heard of this brand, but looks like a rebranded panel from a Chinese manufacturer. Not necessarily a deal breaker, but I’ve asked someone for Powerwave to tell us who the actual manufacturer is so we can better help.


Thanks for your reply, we were told they are German made, but couldn’t find anything on the brochure to refer to that.


Hi Kayjay,

If they were actually made in Germany, I’ll eat my hat.

It’s an age old sales trick to say panels are “manufactured using German technology” or similar. I’d be surprised if these weren’t made in China, but still waiting to hear from Powerwave about who the manufacturer is.



Hey Kayjay,

How did you go with your solar installation? Did you end up choosing the Powerwave panels, and the Smart Energy group to do the install?


Hi all, Powerwave are not German made. They are manufactured by CSG Pvtech in China.


Decided not to go ahead with solar installation will leave it for another time, when we have done a bit more research.