Solar quote *California bayarea Santa Clara*

Hi, I have got few quotes for CA bay area. Please provide your feedback.
Is Sunpower U-series a good solar panel? I couldn’t find much information online about it.

Infinium Solar - 4.12KW System
10 Solar Panels REC 410W
10 Micro-inverters Enphase IQ7A

EnergyPal - 3.2kw System
8 Solar Panels Sunpower U Series 400w
8 Micro-inverters Enphase IQ7HS

Sunup / Sunpower 3.4kw system
8 Solar Panels Sunpower M Series 425w
8 Micro-inverters Enphase IQ7HS

I believe the Sunpower U series is actually a rebranded Indian-made Waaree solar panel. I’m guessing they used the Waaree Arka series panels as an entry-level panel to be more cost competitive.

I would personally go with the first option using the REC panels.

Thanks Svarky. I got the spec sheet from Waaree Arka Series Panels from the dealer when asked for Sunpower U series spec sheet. Maybe Sunpower is getting them Waaree.

Ok, wow. So they aren’t even rebranding them as Sunpower panels. Are they just leaving the Waaree branding?

That being said, Sunpower is no longer technically manufacturing solar panels. They split the company, and now “Maxeon” is the manufacturer, and Sunpower is really a solar retailer in the US.