Sunpower U Series panels

Hi All,
I currently have a solar system with Longi 355w solar panels with Enphase IQ7A micro-inverters and trying to add more panels. In one of the quotes I got, Sunpower U series 400w solar panels were suggested with Enphase IQ7HS micro-inverter. In my research, I couldn’t find much information about the Sunpower U-series solar panels. Has anyone used or know about the U-series panels? How good or bad the panels are compared to Longi 355W solar panels? Is the U-series solar panels compatible with IQ7HS micro-inverters?

Thank you

I believe the Sunpower U-series is a rebranded Indian-made Waaree solar panel. I’m guessing they used the Waaree Arka series panels as an entry-level panel to be more cost competitive.

Do you have a specification datasheet of the Sunpower U-series panel?

I’m a little sceptical about the long-term performance and reliability since the Indian solar market is relatively new, and they do not have a lot of experience compared to the leading Chinese, Korean and American solar panel manufacturers.

Thanks Svarky for your input.

I got a quote for both the U and M series and the U series seems unimpressive to me. I’ve attached the very limited spec sheet that was sent to me along with their degradation comparison. I’m going with the M series and the IQ7HS is pretty much the best inverter on the market that I can see. It’s max output is 384VA per their comparison sheet.