Sunpower U Series panels

Hi All,
I currently have a solar system with Longi 355w solar panels with Enphase IQ7A micro-inverters and trying to add more panels. In one of the quotes I got, Sunpower U series 400w solar panels were suggested with Enphase IQ7HS micro-inverter. In my research, I couldn’t find much information about the Sunpower U-series solar panels. Has anyone used or know about the U-series panels? How good or bad the panels are compared to Longi 355W solar panels? Is the U-series solar panels compatible with IQ7HS micro-inverters?

Thank you

I believe the Sunpower U-series is a rebranded Indian-made Waaree solar panel. I’m guessing they used the Waaree Arka series panels as an entry-level panel to be more cost competitive.

Do you have a specification datasheet of the Sunpower U-series panel?

I’m a little sceptical about the long-term performance and reliability since the Indian solar market is relatively new, and they do not have a lot of experience compared to the leading Chinese, Korean and American solar panel manufacturers.

Thanks Svarky for your input.

I got a quote for both the U and M series and the U series seems unimpressive to me. I’ve attached the very limited spec sheet that was sent to me along with their degradation comparison. I’m going with the M series and the IQ7HS is pretty much the best inverter on the market that I can see. It’s max output is 384VA per their comparison sheet.

Compared to some other companies, such as Longi, the Sunpower U-series 400w solar panels are less widely available. Prior to selecting a choice, it is vital to learn more about the U-series panels. You might wish to find out more about the performance, warranty, and compatibility of the firm offering the quotation with Enphase IQ7HS micro-inverters. Ensuring the compatibility of the U-series panels and micro-inverters is essential for the optimal functioning of your solar system. To obtain a better understanding of how these panels perform in comparison to your current Longi 355W panels, you may also ask for feedback or reviews from users who have already used the panels. You may efficiently extend your solar system by making an informed decision.