Panel Comparison

Looking at these four panels to help eliminate my Tru-Up bill. My excess consumption annually is approximately 4,600 kW.

Aptos DNA-144-MF26-(440W) 7 panels 3.08 kWp $11,750
Panasonic EVPV370 (370W) 9 panels 3.33 kWp $11,322
REC 400AA Alpha Pure Black (400W) 8 panels 3.20 kWp $11,880
Sunpower-A400 (400W) 8 panels 3.40 kWp $15,841

Any comments or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Leaning towards Panasonic but heard their panels now being outsourced to third party.

My system has 18 REC 330NP installed 1.5 years ago, and I am satisfied.

The datasheets for the Panasonic states 80% power after 25 years, whilst the REC shows 92%. With lower power degrade over time, you will harvest more energy with the REC panels.

REC it is…thanks for your input. Is there a big difference between Enphase iQ7+ and iQ7A?

@boneshakin The iQ7A model is the latest and most powerful microinverter from Enphase. These are designed for the higher wattage 400W+ panels.

  • iQ7+ is rated at 320VA
  • iQ7A is rated at 349VA (peak 366VA)

You can read more about the different models here… Enphase Micro Inverter Review — Clean Energy Reviews