Enphase microinverters iq7 vs iq7 +

Hi, further to recent my question on this Forum I’ve received quotes for 21 panels where they say iq7 is all that I need (300w and 310w panels) where others have quoted that I need iq7+ (310w and 315w panels). I’m confused. Which is correct? Is there a “rule”?
Thanks in anticipation.

Hi Wilko

The Enphase specs give a very wide range for compatible models, but all iq7s are not equal, we are missing some of the model number.

See the specs sheet here for details:

Thanks Marty, yes I’ve seen that data sheet but my tech knowhow is pretty basic. Ive got no idea what it all means.

The panels I’m considering installing fit into both iq7 and iq7+ module input watt range, however the different Input DC volt max, peak and ranges and the Output AC volt max, peak and current amps mean nothing to me. How do they relate to my system?

I think the cost difference between the iq7 and the iq7+ is at least $30 each, so if it means no difference to the affective operation of my system, and it could potentially save me in excess of $600, I’ll just go with the iq7 (I certainly don’t mind spending the extra if there’s a tangible benefit).That’s my dilemna.


Hi, you have to check how many cells the solar panels offered have. IQ7 is for 60 cells only, while IQ7+ works for 60 and 72 cells. So if the panels offered are 72 cells you must to buy IQ7+.


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Hi Erick. Thanks.
I wasn’t sure, so I checked - all are 60 cell, so could have either. In your opinion then, any real advantage going with the iq7+?

Dear Erick,
I think you’re putting too much into it. Unless you’re installing it yourself. If the company that you’re working with is everything from design, permitting to install. Trust their judgement. Most reputable installers do a good job designing the best system for your need and no need to spend more that what you should. The difference is not tangible. Remember, the installer and their history and the type of warranty they offer is the most important thing for you to research. A lot of companies claim that they offer the best warranty but, it in the writing that matters. Also, if they’ve only been in business just a couple of years, their warranty is only as good as their promise.
In addition, make sure that the 21 panels (6.3 kw system) is enough to offset your usage at least by 105%.

In West Australia, the rule we work on is that you can have 33% more panels than inverters. i.e. 5 kW inverter = 6.65 kW panels max. All things being equal, I would go for whatever gives you the max possible panels but probably not much more than 33% (even if regs where you are allow for it), as a 5kW inverter can only produce 5kW. The extra panels are handy as they don’t all produce at their max due to many factors.

In WA 17 IQ7+ vs 20 IQ7 that’s the 5kW rule for inverter sizing. Just match panels for the best size as close 6.6kW as you can get with the 33.3336% oversizing CEC rules.

Den Thomson
Sales Manager
Bunbury WA

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Basic answer - IQ7 is for 60 cell panels and IQ7+ is for 72 cell panels. I have installed IQ7 (by mistake on 72 cell panels but, it is not recommended and there is a chance they will fail. Rule of thumb - 60 cell IQ7 72 cell IQ 7+. Also, the IQ7 is restricted to maximum output of 250 watt while the IQ7+ max is 295 watt.