SAJ inverter & Powerwave panels

I have been examining numerous systems to purchase. A local company has quoted a 6.6kW system utilizing an SAJ R5-5K-S2 · 4999 W Inverter combined with Aust made Powerwave Twin Power - PW-330-BMB panels. It has been difficult to find information on these inverters/panels. I like the idea of buying Aust made with the inherent ability to chase up with an Aussie company. I was hoping for some advice as to your opinion as they compare to others listed in the Top Inverters/panels in your publications. as they are not listed there. I understand that the panels are only a 2020 release.

Hi John, firstly the panels - they state “Australian owned and backed”, but to be honest that doesn’t mean a whole lot. The actual panels are not Australian made (the only ones that are are Tindo), they are most likely rebranded panels made by a large international manufacturer. Perhaps you could ask your solar company who actually manufactures the panels, so we can give feedback. It’s quite easy for an Australian company to rebadge panels made overseas, the fact that the company itself is Australian probably makes little difference if something goes wrong and you need to ‘chase them up’, it’s more about the company’s longevity and local presence. Perhaps Powerwave has that, I don’t know, I’m not familiar with them.

Regarding the inverter, SAJ is not on our list, and not on my radar personally. I would suggest going with a more recognised brand.

What price are is this system coming in at? I’m assuming it’s low end? Where abouts are you located?

Hope that helps


Thanks for getting back to me. I live in Golden Beach, Qld.

The seller is Pedleys Electrical. I have found out that the panels are rebranded Seraphim and with the SAJ inverter is priced at $4870 which I would not consider as low end.

I have noted that Sky Solar also provide SAJ inverters in a couple of what I consider are lower budget system packages.

Trying to find a highly efficient system with top rated inverter and 19.5% plus panels is a minefield. Looking at what I have so far found is that I expect to pay around $5500.

If you had any further insights I would appreciate them.

Again thanks for your assistance.



Hi John

Seraphim is a decent panel for what it’s worth.

Let me challenge your goal of finding a highly efficient panel. Have you got limited space on your roof? Really the only reason efficiency in a panel is important is if you have limited space (same output in a smaller panel). Otherwise, it’s build quality that is what really matters. In reality the two often go hand in hand, but I wouldn’t rule out panels simply because they aren’t super high efficiency, especially if you are also on a budget.

If you’re on a budget, I would personally be looking at a Sungrow inverter and either, Trina, Jinko, Canadian or LONGi panels.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for info. Once I have more possible options I will send further question.