Seraphim solar panels


Just wanting your opinion on this quote. Have you heard of Seraphim brand?
Single Phase Meter System:
|Solis Inverter

Tier-1 Seraphim 275 Watts poly|5 kW inverter

18+ 6 Free Panels|$9,991 Before Rebates

  • $4,000 Approx rebates
    = $5,991 After Rebates|$4991

get 1.6 kW system extra (6 panels Free). That means you will get total 6.6 kW system just at $4991

Hi @augusdo

Yes, we mention Seraphin in or best solar panels 2019 article:

Ignore that “free panels” rubbish. Nothing is free. Make sure you get other quotes first and compare. Have you read the eBook “Guide to Buying Solar” yet?

Here is the best solar inverters article:


Thanks Marty, will have a read of the articles and also get other quotes.

Hi Marty , On my end, I always include BenQ espescially the SunForte model as one of top brand panel beside the top 5 you mentioned , Its has the same technology as the Sunpower , See the spec. . And we should welcome if any new entry, for example the Panasonic Hit panels are also top brand , But unfortunate NOT available on our soil here yet but popular in Europe , the Pmax temperature co-efficient is awesome -0.258%/c

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