Solar Quote Melbourne Inner

Hi all,

I have a quote to add 7 panels (2.3kw) to an existing system I have. Appreciate any comments or guidance on the competitiveness of the pricing and opinions on inverter choice . Details below:

  • 7 Seraphim Mono 330w BMB panels
  • 3kw Sungrow Inverter
  • 15 year Panel Product warranty
  • 25 year Panel Performance warranty

Cost including installation $4477 including STC.

The current system i have uses Enphase micro inverters. Specsolar have quoted an additional $800 to use enphase micro’s.


Hi @chocho

Serpahim and Sungrow are pretty decent ‘value’ options.

I’m would have thought you could get a slightly better price with those products for a ~2kW system. Although, if you are confident with the solar company then I think it’s probably ok value.