Solar Power Quotes Melbourne VIC

I have three solar quotes - and need some help deciding please!

  1. Solarhub: 6.6 kW system size, 22 x Jinko Eagle Mono PERC 300 W, Solax inverter and Boost 5.0. System Price $9,422.40 less STC point of sale discount $3,162 = $6,760.40 (GST incl).

  2. Photonix 6.6 kW system 21 x Seraphim 315W 120 cell Mono PERC, Mass Energy 5 kW Inverter (SofarSolar Mass Energy Inverter G2 model with wifi). System price $7839.9 less STC Discount Zone 4 $3,572.00 = $5,051.92 (GST incl)

  3. Sunbank Solar 6.6kW system 21 x 315 w JA solar Panel ( JAM60S01-315/PR) Mono PERC 60 cells, GoodWe 5.0 inverter (GW5000D-NS), BOS124 PV BOS. System price incl STCs and GST = $6,280.

Photonix is predominately a commercial fitter and gets bulk imports of panels as well asMass inverters which he says he’s not had a problem with over 8 years of installing. The recall was regarding labelling apparently. He will go with more expensive inverters if I wish to. He lives locally and would be available for any issues, which he says can be remedied much faster than other providers. Is it worth going with this cheaper quote? Should I go with a different inverter?


Hi @Miranda and welcome,

Photonix price is clearly very low, and if you like the guy and think he’s going to look after you, then that is really important. Seraphim is solid, no issue there. Haven’t heard of the inverter though. I would be looking at getting him to get you a quote with a Fronius. I think it’s worth it.

See here for Solar Installers Melbourne page.


Hi Marty

Thanks so much for this really helpful appraisal and advice.



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