Solar quote Lang Lang VIC

Hi, wondering if anyone could please help with the quotes I’ve received. I’ve phoned a few companies but only 2 have got back to me.

We plan on putting a pool in within the next 12-18 months and Company #2 has given me 2 quotes, 1 without a pool and 1 with having a pool installed.

Company 1
8.58kw system
26 x 330W Astronergy AstroSemi panels with a Growatt 8000MTL-S, 8200W
$13,756.00 with rebates the cost is $6,060.00

Company 2
Quote #1
6.6kw system
20 x 330W Jinko Cheetah panels with a GoodWe GW5KD-NS, 5000W (think the Tiger panels are better and can upgrade to Fronius 5kW inverter for $700 extra
$9,382.00 with rebates the cost is $2,500.00

Quote #2
12.95kw system
35 x 370W Longi Hi-MO4m panels with a GoodWe GW10K-MS, 10,000W
$18,716.00 with rebates the cost is $8,800.00

Would appreciate people’s feedback please :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Sarah

Hi Sarah

Pricing is around what you’d expect for these products, but these products are all all the cheap side. Do the companies get good reviews?

Has Company 2 said why they are offering different panels for Quote 1 and Quote 2?