Quote Review - 10kW Seraphim panels - 3 phase

Provider: Sunboost.
Quoted price : AUD 7500
Location Sydney

3 phase meter
Panel: Seraphim 300 Mono – 10 kW 36 Panels + 8 Free Panels = 44. Total 13.2 kW
Inverter :Fronius 10 kW

Price Covers:

  1. Panels
  2. Inverter
  3. Installation
  4. Meter Documentation
  5. Distance


  • 15 Yrs Product warranty on panels
  • 25 Yrs Performance warranty on Panels
  • 10 Yrs Manufacturing warranty on Inverter
  • 10 Yrs Workmanship warranty on Installation

Hi 1115

That looks like a pretty good quote to me. Also check out our Solar Power Sydney page for comparable system costs, and solar generation that you can expect:


Seems almost too good to be true. Hope the installers have been around and measured up the roof correctly. You don’t want any surprises when they install the panels. Were you given a detailed panel layout diagram and rooftop plan?

Any other quotes or panels on offer? Seraphim are very cheap.

Thanks a lot Bro. I will check this page.

I sent them my home plan which shows the roof dimension and inclination. Hope they would revert back with more details. Also I checked on the Seraphine panles, they provide 10 years of warranty and SAE group is an importer of Seraphim panels and responsible for manufacturer warranties for panels they imported. Do you still think I should shop for other brand?