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I’ve had some unbelievably good quotes from some of the online suppliers who advertise on this site, at around $3500 - 3700 for 6.6kW systems installed in Sydney:

One quote is for 6.6kW of Suntech Tier 1 275 W panels (STP275-20/Wfw) matched with a Solax 5kW inverter (X1-5.0-T-T).

Another is for 6.6kW of Seraphim 300W panels (SRP-BMB) again matched with a Solax inverter.

I see this website has given the tick to the above panels and the Solax inverter, so bearing in mind the old adagy that `if it looks too good to be true, it probably is’, am I missing something?

Also, your handy Guide to Buying Solar points out the importance of getting good installers. If the company puts up installers who are accredited by the Clean Energy Council, can I relax?

Appreciate any advice. Thanks,


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Hi Harvest

I think you’re right to be sceptical, and you have made a really good start on your solar journey I think.

You seem to be aware of this, but I should make it very clear that we certainly don’t endorse anyone that advertises on our site. Whilst we have asked for some advertisers to be removed, Google puts ads from pretty much whoever wants to advertise.

No :slight_smile: … not exactly. Every installer that signs off on the system needs to be endorsed by the CEC in order to get the rebates, so you wouldn’t be able to find any company that doesn’t use CEC accredited installers. I would have a good look at the company’s online reviews, they generally weed out poor admin practices at least quickly - and I think give an indicator of what the workmanship would be like.

It’s very hard to install a solar system perfectly. There are a lot of components that go into the system, a lot of holes that get drilled, and wires connected. Even good installers can do a bad job if they don’t have the motivation (and I would probably lose some motivation if the company was more interested in getting the job done quickly and cheaply than doing it well).

Have you met anyone from the companies that have quoted you yet?

Those products are fine, if installed well. I would probably want to look at another quote or two with a more premium inverter, and also to have a real good chat with the sales person (who ideally is the installer/designer, but very seldom). I think I put some questions in to ask the company rep when they come out.

Good luck! Hope that helps.


Hi Marty

Thanks for your helpful and quick response. Much appreciated!

No, I haven’t actually met anyone from the companies that quoted me, and I doubt whether I will be able to talk to anyone beyond the salespeople on the phone, who generally don’t seem to have much in-depth knowledge. I guess the challenge, to make an assessment of installer quality, will be to check the online reviews carefully and put a few specific questions to the companies that quoted me.

Thanks again.


PS Congrats on your website - I’m finding it very useful.

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