North Sydney Solar Power

Hi all,

Just getting into the world of solar, and enjoying reading all the helpful information here. I’m hoping to get some feedback on this quote and if it seems reasonable.

o Supply & installation of 8.64kw PV solar system using 27 x 320 watt REC N - Peak solar panels
o 8kw SolarEdge HD wave Inverter
o 27 x SolarEdge Optimisers for each of the panels (we get some shade in the morning winter sun on a north-facing roof)
o SolarEdge Smartmeter

The quote (inclusive of the STC rebate) is $10,500 and comes from a seemingly reputable operation.

Many thanks.

Hi @Jpg, terribly sorry for missing this one, just realised it was sitting there without an answer.

Those are really good products, and I think the price is fine.

So, as we always say, make sure you are confident and happy with the installer. If any doubts about their reviews etc, get a few more quotes.

All the best, sounds like a good system though.


Definitely some rock solid panels and inverter there. Will be a great system. Plus the price is good. I’d go for it, if as Marty said they are a reputable installer.

Feel free to post some picts of the install and give a shout out to the installer if you think they did a great job. It’s always good to promote quality installers and let everyone know

Hi Marty,
Thanks for getting mack to me. I’d also continued to do my research and coming up to the same conclusion. Thanks again.


Thanks a lot Svarky … appreciate the advice!