Confused & Bewildered 😨

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I’m looking to go solar but there’s so many companies in the market these days that offer what “appear” to be good deals & lets face it a warranty is only good while a company is in business! I’ve tried to read up on solar panels but again there’s so many & I get confused by all the techno babble. I just want a decent system that does a great job & will last, from a reputable company with quality installers who know their stuff & great after sales service (just in case all the previous must haves fail in some way) & not get ripped off in the process. Is this an impossible dream?

Hi Wylie

I understand your pain. I often wonder how a consumer can wade through all the noise out there to be able to confidently purchase a solar system. Especially given you’d hope it’s a once or twice in a lifetime event. It’s certainly a big reason for us starting CER, we were working full time in the industry and still couldn’t work out what we’re quality products or not.

In terms of installers, there are of course some ‘cowboys’ out there, but in reality the majority of operators are professional and passionate about what they do. It takes quite a commitment to become a solar installer, in Australia and the US at least, and the regulations to ensure installations are done to a high standard are quite tight. I would say the best option is to get recommendations from friends and family for electricians in your area, a lot of electricians install solar or at least can recommend someone. You can also do one of those get three quotes services, but I think the risk there is being convinced by slick salespeople rather than quality products etc. If you don’t have any good recommendations, you can search for Clean Energy Council accredited installers in Australia here I would get quotes from three or four. You will get a good understanding of how these guys operate from communicating with them.

Once you have a few quotes to compare, have a look at our website and articles on the best solar panels and inverters to check the products are there. Or ask questions in the forum. Let us know if you have any further concerns.

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Hey there Wylie,

Did you end up navigating your way through all the noise? What system and installer did you end up going with?

Hey Marty,
No, I’m afraid I didn’t I got sidetracked with health issues. I have had a couple of quotes lately from Colar Solar & Solargain but I’m not sure if they’re good quotes or not, maybe you could help me??!
These two are for 5kw systems
07|380x500 &

And this one is a 3kw system

I live in central Victoria & was told by Cola Solar that I didn’t need a 5kw system but I said I wanted something that would cover me for the long hot summers as I need the aircon most of the day & some of the night, he gave me quotes for both 5kw & 3kw systems.

Hi @Wylie

I hope you are doing better.

I’m quite partial to Cola Solar, from my (albeit limited) feedback I have had on them, they seem to be pretty genuine and sell quality stuff. It’s very rare for a company to down sell, because they make less money by doing that. Which strikes me as a pretty good sign of a trustworthy business.

Huawei optimisers and SunPower are top notch products, and if they say you don’t need 5kW, I would probably listen to that advice.

Hope that helps, and thanks for getting back in touch. Please let us know how you go.