Feedback on quote please

Hi everyone, my first time here. Would love to get feedback for this quote I received from a company called Solar Plus Australia. I found them through Facebook Ad. They have great google reviews but I couldn’t find then on Solarquotes. I wonder if I should go with a more reputable company. I did get a good feeling through my conversation but I thought I should seek some inputs.

Tiger LM 60HC Series 11.840kW of Solar Power
32 x JKM370M-60HLM
Tiger P-Type 370 Watt panels

SMA Sunny Boy series 10.000kW of Inverter Power
SMA Australia Pty Ltd 2 x SB5.0-1AV-41

Cost :$6995 inc gst

I’m in Bexley north. No trees around the roof.

I received another quote for 11kw system with enphase for $11k from another company (more reputable) and I thought it’s too much for me. This one fits more with my budget and its a larger system but it’s string.

What do you guys think?

Thank you in advance


I suggest you invest in a Hybrid Inverter, a Smaller Solar Array, and purchase the likes of a $4’400 10kWh LiFePO4 battery, then you will better benefit from all the Solar you are Generating, & don’t get stitched up by the Rip-off Retailers, where you will charge 300% more to Purchase energy back after Solar Sunset.

Duel Axis Solar Tracking is superior to ALL other solar Racking types.

Hi @Jackkk

These products are pretty good value, reputable brands. If you are happy with the reviews of the installer, and that’s your budget, it seems to me like a good fit to me.

Fwiw I don’t agree with the raptor regarding a hybrid inverter or dual axis tracking.


Thanks guys, $7000 is my max for a decent system so it ticks the box. I just need to suss out the installer. I can’t find them on Solarquotes which makes me a bit nervous but their Google reviews are good