Tea Gardens NSW Solar Quote Reviews

Hi, I have 2 quotes somewhat close in pricing and am wondering which way to go.

  1. 5.25kw System with 15 x Longi 350w panels & SMA 5Kw inverter.
    Price inc GST $5,640

  2. 6.6kw System with 20 x 330w JA Solar Perc Half-Cell Module & Huawei Sun 2000 Inverter.
    Price inc GST $5,300

Because my roof is a multi cross gabled type and most of the area suitable for Solar Panels is on the East & West sides of the house and only likely to fit 5 Solar Panels on the North side I am thinking maybe the 15 Panel System may be more suitable to my house?

Thanks for any assistance.


I would go with option 1 mainly due to the inverters being proposed but that’s just me. The 330w panels also seem a bit old school, I would be expecting more these days which would also mean less panels on your roof. I think 18 panels for a 6.6kw system should be manageable at those costs, though will depend on competition in your area.

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Hi John

I think your reasoning there is sound. The solar companies should have done a rough design for how the panels would fit on your roof when they gave you the quote. Did either company show you this?


Thanks Marty,
One of them did come to our house and revised the placement of panels to be more receptive of the sun through the morning/mid afternoon period.
As luck would have it my neighbour had agreed with another company for a similar capacity system. So I asked them for pricing & got a better??? System including Fronius Inverter & 365w Canadian Panels for $500 less than the best price from the other companies.

I appreciate your advice.


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Thank you Colin I agree with your thoughts, I did get another quote and I think it is the way I shall go using 365w Canadian panels.

I Appreciate your taking the time to assist.



Hi John,

No worries, sounds like you have found a good solution.