Sunpower SMA quote

Can I get help to unmuddle my mind and an idea on price. I am in a situation of a little knowledge is dangerous.

I received a quote for $15.5K

It is for 28 x Sunpower Maxeon 2 plus SMA STP10.0

My initial reaction is that this on the high side for what is quoted.

Hi @eira1006

That’s not necessarily expensive. Those panels are really top quality, and inverter is very high quality too. Where are you based? What do you know about the installer?

Do you need a 10kW system? How much power do you use? Btw, how big are the panels (the wattage)?


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As Marty said, this is a large, premium system with top of the range gear, so the price is quite reasonable.

If you wanted a lower cost system you could ask them to quote using the SunPower P-series panels which are more affordable.

Thank you - they do 1 panel and that is it - no other options. Renowned for being expensive in the reviews but good customer service reviews.

Got another quote elsewhere with more panels output but of course cheaper panels.

Both agreed consumption pointed to 8-10Kw inverter most likely latter

Other quote is 50-40% cheaper - same inverter but Trina or Qcell panels. Their customer service is patchy with only a few complaints but common themes being when something goes wrong it gets difficult - ie installer does something wrong it’s a saga to get addressed - or turn up to install and it cannot fit and its a saga about reduced price or options with increased price. Only a few times but the examples are there.

Both had over 100 reviews to trawl through.

Both missed a big issue of shading which has me questioning both as both price and smiling customer service is irrelevant if design is wrong.

True. How did you discover the shading issue then?

50% is an awful lot cheaper, but those reviews are a concern. Maybe a third quote?

Witnessed shading myself in person when on roof.

What time of day was the shading? If it’s morning or evening that might not cause too much of a problem. Have you got some images of the shading you could share, can you see the shading on Google?