Quotes for my solar so far

Hi Guys,

Ive got a few quotes back for my solar system
Quote 1
6.62 KW system
21 Canadian Solar panels 315KW
Goodwe 5.0D invertor
$8800 on Finance
Quote 2
6.6KW system
24 Suntech Solar Panels
Solax Inverter
or Fonius inverter for and extra $800
Quote 3
Trina 20 Solar panels 330KW
Fronius Inverter

Please can you give me your thoughts given the prices range so much. But I guess the first quote is high due to it being on finance however they advise it is interest free… I think not!

Ive got a couple of quotes still still to come back as yet.

Thanks for your help

Hi Lynsey

The way the ‘interest free’ works is that they add a bunch of fees on. So whilst it’s technically not interest, it will still cost you more than if you paid upfront.

The Trina and Fronius combo looks pretty good to me. Quote 2 seems overly cheap, even (especially) if you added the Fronius.

Just make sure you have a really good look at the reviews of the solar installers that are offering you the quotes, that’s the number 1 thing you have to get right, make sure you get a good installer.


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