What is a quote without details?

I’ve had numerous quotes beyond the ones from this forum. All but one provided a breakdown of items and costs, not to the level I wanted but they tried… most were 5kw or any kW system installed for n$, special price for this month… Being a mature consumer I like to know what I’m paying for, price details of modules, racking components, inverter/s, cabling grade, connectors, monitoring S/W, roof penetrations, board upgrades, etc.

What does installation cover, does the installer provide the racking, cabling and connectors, etc. Or is it simply the Labor component of the installation, cabling and connectors are priced in the modules or inverter/s?

Only one offered to provide a commercial grid generation service, using another piece of kit. I’ve been negotiating for months and each month the price has dropped by thousands from the first quotes. I’m close to finalising, my advise to people looking at solar is to not rush in, take your time. Lots of mumbo jumbo by call centre cowboys. ‘Why would you want that particular inverter when our one has much better through put!’.or ‘Why would you want those PV modules when our product is same Tier 1 quality but much cheaper.’.

To anyone thinking of PV System, research, research, document, take your time and enjoy the journey…

We think it is the fault of Retailers, wanting/needing to make a simple job appear way more complicated than it really is.

The term “Tier-1 & Quality” is a Con, it has NOTHING to do with the quality of the solar panels, it only relates to a company financial position with the banks, and that leaves a lot of room for manipulation!

A lot, obviously not all solar retailers are marketing spin doctors, chasing the REC’s, just like the “Pink Bats installation Saga” that plagued that industry.

Good luck.