Lots of Questions re Solar :)

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I am trying really hard to understand all of this solar jargon. We live in Sydney, Have you heard of Instyle Solar (Brisbane based), we recently got them out to give us a quote and would like to hear any feedback about them :slight_smile: Cheers… P.S. Is it important or not that this Company is an accredited Installer with Clean Energy Council???

Hello Freckles

Have you read our “Guide to Buying Solar” eBook yet? Good place to cut through the jargon hopefully.

Yes, it’s essential that you have a CEC accredited installer, you’d be hard pressed to find someone to install solar on your roof that wasn’t though. You’d also be unable to claim the $1000s of dollar of rebates.


Hi Freckles,

In Style solar was one of the companies that i got a quote from, i found them to be quite expensive, try Aussie Hybrid Solar for a Quote comparison.

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Thank you, shall do. Are they CEC??

Thank Marty shall do :slight_smile:

They sure are
You can check for members via the following link

Is there a difference between being a “Member” or being an accredited 'Installer"? Cheers.

They are significantly different.

Membership is not that important in terms of ensuring quality installs, but accreditation is essential.

The accreditation information is at a different site http://www.solaraccreditation.com.au/consumers.html.


Thanks Marty, I wasn’t sure because Instyle Solar are not Members per se but are accredited installers that employ their own fleet?