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Hey guys. Just wanted to get some opinions about InStyle Solar. The system I’ll be getting of them has a Fronius Primo 8.2-1 inverter and I’ve opted for 24 Qcell Q-PEAK G4.1 310w MONO panels. What’s people’s thoughts on this setup and opinions about the company?
Cheers, Nathan

Hey Nathan

Welcome to the forum.

Those products are quality, I would be happy with them. I haven’t had experience with InStyle, hopefully someone here has. What area are you in?


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Hi Marty.
That’s good to hear. I think InStyle is a bit more on the expensive side compared to others (my whole system is about $13K) but from what I’ve found their aftercare seems to be really good. I’m on the Gold Coast.

Cheers, Nathan.

Hi Nathan

I did notice in the reviews that a few people mentioned very high price. That does seem like you would be paying an awful lot for quality after sale service. I would want LG/SunPower panels and optimisers at least if I was to pay a premium like that.

There are companies (and I’m not saying this is one of them, as I don’t know them) that have quite good ways of making you feel like you’re getting a good deal at the time, and a bit ripped off later. These companies will often insist a sales person comes to your house, and won’t leave your lounge room until you’ve signed the contract.

Having said that, if you are very confident and happy with the company, that counts for a lot.

Good luck,