Solar Installers Chatswood NSW

Hi, I am planning to install 6.2 kw solar system and below is what I have been quoted for ($4200 fully installed) by a company called -Australian Solar Engineers at Chastwood, NSW

  • Panels: LNG-LR6-60PE-310M (x20)
  • Inverter: Fronius 5kw Primo

As per ABN search Australian Solar Engineers was formed in 2018. So not sure how long will they last and even though they are giving 5 or 10 years warranty my question is if they go bust then what are my options.

Is there is better / reliable company around Sydney?

I have a 3 phase meter. The above inverter is only single phase. Do you think its better for me to install Fronius Symo or any other 3 phase meter.

Do you have a better recommendation for the same price or less.

Appreciate your help on this matter.
Kind Regards

Hi User1

Regarding 3 phase inverters, it depends on how much your usage is on each phase I think. You definitely don’t want to be exporting your solar power unnecessarily, but if you have a constant high load during the day on one of your phases then it should be fine to put it on that phase. And in fact if that is the case, and you have more inconsistent loads on other phases, then you would be better off with a single phase inverter I believe, though I could be wrong. Which brings me to the next point, you really want to ensure you have a good electrician doing the work, who actually cares about the job.

I can’t comment on the company you mention as I haven’t heard of them. However, we strongly recommend that you get a number of quotes, and to also try and get a quote from a local electrician, or someone that has been recommended.

Once you have got multiple quotes, and spoken to the installer or designer (ideally the person quoting you should be an accredited solar designer), then post again and let us know what they say.


Check out our Solar Installers Sydney page

As a Solar Customer , Please consider a few points

1 get more quotes from CEC Insttallers From CEC web site preferbly in your local area
or post your need in Seek Seeking .com because they are commission free ( installer do not pay lead fee ) In this way you will not have a Sub Contract doing the works preferbly ( Not all of them are bad either )

2 about the brand all model has their premium model and model that are less quality for mass selling
At the moment I am considering to but REC N Type Mono that is the same quality as LG
or Q CELL Antum technology But at cheaper price

you may find many are quoting you MONO PERC , as a premium , for that I recommend that
you read Mark Blog at MC electrical
Always download the Data sheet of the particular model that being offered
see the Power Temperature coefficient must be less than -0.38
Always remember the Sun light bring in Energy BUT the heat destroy the Energy
So do NOT put the panels row against each other as panels need more ventilation
and if possible ask for the railing that give a gap of more than 150mm from roof to panels
to increase air flow hence more energy and longer lasting panels

Try to get higher Power density panels like more than 320 watts panels
so you do not so many panels no the roof to make up the System Sys

About the Rebate : See that they work out a good rate of discount
Example in Sydney (1.382 )
Ss size 320 x 19 gives 6080 watts ie 6.08KW
install in Year 2019 is 12 years of assignment
so your STC certificate is 1.382 x 6.08 x 12 ie 100 STC
so if the current value of STC is $34 then your discount is $3400 ( 34 x 100 )
An honest quote wil be very transparent
PLEASE note that it fair for them to minus up to 4 certificates for the processing and fee

About the inverter Fronious Primo /Symio 6 kw will do
Sincerely I hope you will share your experience with the Longi
I know they are good on paper

Cheers Esmail Attia

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Hi @User1

Did you end up getting your system installed? We would be interested to know how it went.

What was the name of the installation company you ended up using, and would you recommend them? Would you be able to share any photos?


Hi Marty, I am going ahead with AICA Energy. I have paid a deposit and it will take 3 to 4 weeks for the installation. Will keep you posted

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