Darling Downs

Hi, I’ve been quoted Sofar Hybrid Inverter, Sofar AMASS Storage Battery & Leapton Panels (14.8kW System + 10KW Battery Solution)**

2 x Sofar 5kW Inverter, 2 x 5kW Sofar AMASS Battery with 40 x 370w Leapton Panels (10-year warranty parts & labour on the inverter and battery with 25-year parts & labour warranty on the panels with a 25-year performance warranty)

Price - $11,499.00

Currently our bills are around $450 every 2 months. Please note we are on 3 phase power. Thank you :relaxed:

Hi @wstanley

Both those products are relatively new to the Australian market, so we don’t have a lot of data on their long term performance. I would personally want to stick to products that have been used longer term in Australia.

Thank you for getting back to me :relaxed: